Friday, 22 December 2006

These two lads used to date and have remained great friends and were real keen to do the shoot together. These two skallies kiss and fondle and Craig pulls out Bryan’s cock, seconds later both cocks are in Bryan’s hand, then de drops to his knees and blows Craig. They switch round, strip and loads more oral before Craig lubes up his ass and Bryan slips on a rubber. Bryan eases in and is soon pounding Craig’s cute little ass in an orgy of sexual positions! Craig just cant get enough and is as hard as a rock. All this sex and the lads are gasping to cum, Craig blows first all over Bryan’s face who then gorges himself on Craig’s cum. Bryan’s face is dripping in cum as he wanks off and shoots his load all over Craig’s face! Wow!

Hi this is the official blog of over time I will let you know what new porn sites i've added and bringing you some amazing pics of some of the great models that i've come accross.